What is Quantum Reflex Analysis?

It is a powerful clinical tool and healing modality used by trained practitioners to get to the root cause of any health related problem. The body is controlled by an intricate biochemical electrical system governed by a biofield (plasma energy field). QRA is able to tap into this energy within the body.

Our bodies = Electricity

Electricity works but do you have any idea how? Within our bodies, we have amazing electricity and energyflowing. When this energy becomes weak or "shorts" similar to any other electrical current (light bulb, circuit breaker, check engine light, etc.), we establish a "short"within our biofield and body. In the world of modern medicine, doctors opt to remove the culprit via surgeries and/or dangerous medications, but in QRA, we opt to get to the bottom of every imbalance and enable the body to restore and recharge these broken circuits.

Quantum Level

Quantum Physics scientifically suggests and proves that all matter has frequency and vibrations. By testing these frequencies, the practitioner can pinpoint exactly where and what organ and gland systems are weak within the body. Weakness, or testing "off,"can be a result of various components; nutritional deficiencies, infection, and/ or sedation from scar or trauma sites. Testing "off" depicts a burden on the body; interference, weakness, and static within our body's biofield. With the power of QRA, these sites within the body are able to be identified, and the practitioner can precisely determine which nutrients, supplements, and/or treatments are needed to strengthen, repair, and reinstate these organ/gland systems. Beginning with the body's foundation and working throughout each organ/gland system, QRA enables the body and the energy within to be your very own testing tool. By using this method, there is absolutely no guess work and no stone left unturned, and both practitioner and patient work together to bring the body into homeostasis.

The O- Ring Test and the Science Behind QRA

Quantum physicist Dr. Fritz A. Popp proved that all mammalsare controlled by a sophisticated biofield – an intra-body communication system that is phase coordinated, with its communication signals operating at 2x the speed of light. No other known system in the world has such speed or sophistication as the body's biofield. The Bi-Digital O-Ring test is a kinesiological testing created by Dr. Omura, a Japanese medical doctor. In addition, each of the main organ/gland control points that are tested via QRA are specific classical acupuncture points.

Using the O-ring test, the practitioner can identify within seconds whether a food or nutrient strengthens a specific organ point, has no effect at all, or makes it weaker. Using this science-based technology, the practitioner can determine the specific hierarchy of organ/gland dysfunction, pinpoint stressors, identify the "short circuits,"and eliminate the imbalances permanently. In addition, mud therapies and ERT (Emotional Repolarization Technique) seeks to diminish further interferences within the biofield. QRA was developed by Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN, CEO of Premier Research Labs, as a system that cohesively merged the science of the quantum physics with acupuncture and kinesiology.

This exemplifies the Wholistic / Whole Body Aproach to uncovering weaknesses and restores energy and frequency within the WHOLE body. "Clinical decisions based on empirical observations and common sense interferences lead to the obvious conclusion: the body's bio-energetic anatomy needs to be cleared from the segmenting interferences of various stressors. By clearing the stressors and eliminating deficiencies of each patient, the practitioner can "switch on" multiple bio-energetic and metabolic pathways that give the patient a new, enhanced, metabolic freedom and healing resiliency-even in today's toxic environment."(Dr. Robert Marshall, Linda L. Forbes)

QRA helps us to determine:

  • Infections (viral, bacteria, fungal, parasitic) – especially those that are unable to be detected by laboratory tests
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Food, Environmental, Electromagnetic Stressors
  • Toxic Nature of any product- including food, supplements, skin care or household care
  • Interference Fields- toxic and stagnant energy due to scar and trauma sites
  • Vaccine Interference
  • Weakened Teeth
  • And more…

>What is Encoding?

Electromagnetic frequencies can have ill effects on the body's biofield. We are surrounded by EMFs daily within our world of modern technology. Cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, airport screenings, and the like all omit EMFs. These EMFs interfere with your own body's natural frequencies and cause them to become "static,"impairing normal function. When cell frequency becomes "static,"it is much like the radio becoming "static"and unclear. Our bodies and cells become incapable of efficiently absorbing nutrients, releasing toxins, and functioning optimally. This leads to an imbalanced and diseased state. In order to diminish EMF effects and restore the cell's frequencies and protect yourself and your environment talk to your practitioner at Body Energetics, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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